Mrauk U Car Rental

Passenger Bus TicketThere is other optional travel transportation to visit Mrauk U with budget from Sittwe, Mandalay, Yangon, Ngapali by Bus. Off course, the bus between Sittwe-Mrauk U is just simple bus without air-condition and stop every now and them whenever passengers get in and out on the way but from Mandalay, Yangon express buses have air-condition which takes almost 24 hours by passing Rakhin Yoma mountains in Minbu-Ann pass.

SittweMrauk U
Mrauk USittwe
Mrauk UYangon/Bagan/Mandalay/Ngapali

Car RentalTo be convenience of any land transportation for clients,who looking for a private car to explore the wonderful cities at your own pace, individual or with your travel friends? Due to the clients wish, we provide the car any size from saloon 3 seater to Bus 45 seater includes fuel and drivers, refreshing towels and bottled water during sightseeing activities mainly in Sittwe, Mrauk U, Bagan, Ngapali beach and Yangon as well as 4 wheel cars exploring Mindat, Kanpatlat. The allocated car may vary slightly on certain features depending on availability.One who wants to get any private car or passenger bus ticket, why not to contact Road ToMrauk U by online booking.Private

ParticularCar typeCapacityAvailable Areas
Saloon3 seaterYangon, Sittwe, Mrauk U, Bagan, Ngapali
Alphard5 seaterYangon, Bagan
Super custome5 seaterYangon, Sittwe, Mrauk U, Bagan, Ngapali
Prado4 wheel 3 SeaterSittwe, Mrauk U, Bagan, Ngapali
Hiace9 SeaterYangon, Sittwe, Mrauk U, Bagan, Ngapali
Minibus18 SeaterYangon, Sittwe, Bagan,
Bus45 SeaterYangon, Sittwe, Bagan,
The Route of Transportation
DestinationRouteAvailable type of car
 SittweTransfer in/out airport, jettyHalf day sightseeingFull day sightseeingMrauk UMinbyaMyaebonSuper custom, Hiace 9 seater,Hiace 14 seater, Minibus, 45 Seater, Prado
 Mrauk UTransfer in/out jettyHalf day sightseeingFull day sightseeingChin villageAnnNgapaliMagweBaganKanpetletSuper custom, Hiace 9 seater,Prado
Ngapali BeachTransfer in/out airportThandwe sightseeing ( 3 pagodas, market )Mrauk UKantharyarYangonSuper custom, Hiace 9 Seater
BaganTransfer in/out airportHalf day sightseeingFull day sightseeingPopaSalayMandalayKalawInleMindatKanpetletMagewAnnPyayMrauk USaloon, Alphard, Super custom, Hiace 9 seater, Hiace14 seater, Minibus, 45 Seater
YangonTransfer in/out airportHalf day sightseeingFull day sightseeingThanlyinBagoKyaikhtiyoPha-AnMawlamyine