Capital of Rakhine State of Myanmar ( Burma ), formerly called  Akyab, located at a long narrow coastal region to the west of Myanmar, separated from the mainland by the Rakhine Yoma (mountain range) and at the confluence of the Kaladan, Mayu, and Lay Mro rivers. Sittwe has at least a two hundred thousands inhabitant, most products are Fish ( fresh and dried ), Rice from Sittwe District, distinctive Rakhine Traditional Longyi. Today’s Sittwe has some interesting places to visit, such as the Lawkarnanda Pagoda ( about 21 years old ) and Setkyarmuni Buddha image ( more than 2000 years old ), Mahakuthala Monastery ( the collection of Rakhine antiques from this region ), Rakhine Cultural Museum ( displays the glory of the Rakhines in the past, historical evidences and artifacts of the ancestors), and the bustling fish market. The hundred year old Shwezedi Monastery. The prominent the View Point, is a good spot to catch the breeze and contemplate the beauty of the sunset.There are handful hotels and Inns available for international visitors but not much. The best ones are 3* quality with bathroom and toiled attached as well as the air-conditioned. The local restaurants serve good sea foods. Trishaws are available to experience to go around the town and to get closed to local people.Sittwe is easily accessible by air from Yangon/Ngapali beach and by Express Bus from Yangon/Bagan/Mandalay. From Sittwe to Mrauk U, one can go by car ( only 3 hours ) and by slow boat 5-6 hours.

Attraction Places

Pyi Lon Chan Thar Pha Yar Gyi ( The Great Buddha Image) Pagoda

This Buddha image was castsed on nineth waxing day of Kason ( May ), 1899 with the donation of the public and was complete in the early morning of full moon day of Kason ( May ). The shrine where the image has been housed and the original prayer hall was completed in 1910. In the center near

Law Kar Nandar Pagoda

The landmark Lawkar Nanda pagoda was built for the perpetuation Buddhism, is located in the corner of Mayyu Road and Thatta-htana Street, on the road toward the airport. It is copy of Shwedagon pagoda seems solid and but it is modern architecture hollow type providing with columns on the wide precinct.

Sekkyarmuni Buddha image

A must see Buddha image in Sittwe is housed in the west corner of precinct of Lawkarnanda pagoda with a special small shrine. There are more than 2000 little Buddha images are strangely attached to all of the body which is artistic Bronze casted last 2000 years ago by one of Rakhine king. On the left upturn palm a eight-edged star in the middle of which is a Dhamasakra circle in the form of a wheel placed. The image was discovered last 2000 AD by a fisherman with his fishing net from a creek in Mrauk U and donated it to the head monk of Sandamuni monastery in Mrauk U.

Mahakuthala Kyaungdawgyi

The building can be trailed built during the British colony due to the architecture then transform to a monastery with a mixture of colonial era and Buddhist artifacts well preserve as collection museum Rakhine old coins, lacquer ware, Buddha images, old palm leaves Buddhist manuscripts etc . Almost all of the Buddha images in Buddha museum are removed to display from this monastery but still remain a lot that is itself well worth a visit.