Kanpatlat and Mt. Victoria

Kanpetlet is an old British settlement town and one of the beautiful towns in Chin State, the western part of Myanmar. It is situated 4560 ft above the sea level and the temperature is cool year round. We can reach there from Bagan by land route about 5 hours drive. Kanpetlet is a base camp before trekking tour to Mt Victoria. Mt. Vitoria is one of the National Parks of Myanmar, offers the unique opportunity to explore the pleasant vicinity with cool weather staying the whole year round, an excellent place for bird watching, trekking, mountaineering, culture, nature and adventure tours. Trek, observe and learn about nature all the way to the summit.In the villages near Kanpetlet, be greeted along the way by the Chin villagers coming down the mountain. Residing Chin ladies adorned with facial tattoos are the main attraction.we start to see Chin women with tattooed faces. The adventure holiday also includes the amazing sites of ancient temples in Bagan or Mrauk U. Come prepared for the unexpected!Regarding accommodation in this area, please do not expect any kind of luxury. Only simple and basic accommodation is available.

Attraction Places